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Volcanic Stainless Paintings

My art.
A secret sauce, stainless steel and fire!

A secret sauce, painted with brushes, onto sheetmetal and torched to over 1,300 degrees. An extremely difficult and yet magical process. I describe it like condensation on your mirror and drawing images with your finger on the mirror. I can barely see what I’ve painted and then I burn the metal with fire until I see images.

Current Project-

Portraits From The Railroad

portrait of bison under the gun

Death of the Bisons. Slaughtering the bison because the USA believed the death of 1 bison equaled the death of one Indian. Bison was a vital source of food, clothing and more.

Recent Art Projects : Grammy Awards Art

“Purple Blues- A tribute to Prince”- 44″x50″

Grammy Awards-MusiCares Person Of The Year, Fleetwood Mac. Radio City Music Hall, New York

“Gods and Goddesses”- Fleetwood Mac

Grammy Awards-MusiCares Person Of The Year, Fleetwood Mac Radio City Music Hall, New York.

OPB Oregon Artbeat alumni show.

Portfolio- Exhaustive list dating back to 1997


To say the least, Milo is an artist. He creates paintings with a unique process of applying a colorless compound to stainless steel, which is then torched with a two foot flame to make otherworldly images appear.
From the Grammy Awards and House of Blues corporate offices to Hollywood private events, PBS features, MusiCares person of the year events and many art galleries, his art is exhibited and collected internationally.

Some of his most current artwork this year is a portrait series about the 1869 Marriage of The Rails. A tribute to the Transcontinental Railroad, his great-great-grandfather and all the workers, most who were unrecognized for their hard work and sacrifice. 2018 he created 2 paintings for the Grammy Awards. A painting of Fleetwood Mac as Greek gods and a tribute painting of Prince.


Artist finds his place in the world
Artist finds his place in the world
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Art reviews
Art reviews
Art reviews

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