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My current series is called Ostracizing and Rejecting.

The art series is about what I’ve learned from rejection and ostracizing personally. How I believe we can use my experiences and observations to help solve much of what is wrong in our societies and the world. Rejection is a powerful  manipulation tool and causes dysfunction in ourselves and societies and is carried as a cancerous burden. Untreated, rejection and ostracizing kills us and kills society. It isn’t merely a danger, it is a disease that adds to the cancer that kills humankind. I hope that we can use that knowledge to address the diseases in the human race and endeavor to cure us as one dysfunctional family in need of healing. Healing therapy through fire, it’s what I know and how I’ve learned. #milosmetal

I will post updates to new art in the series and where I will be exhibiting.

God Sanctioned is the first in this series.

God Sanctioned

God Sanctioned

God Sanctioned

More in this series coming soon.

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