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Milo Lowe’s Bio-

To say the least, Milo is an artist. He creates paintings with a unique process of applying a colorless compound to stainless steel, which is then torched with a two foot flame to make otherworldly images appear.
From the Grammy Awards and House of Blues corporate offices to Hollywood private events, PBS features, MusiCares person of the year events and many art galleries, his art is exhibited and collected internationally.
Milo’s influences are Stevie Ray Vaughan, Martin Luther King Jr. and the old-time-metal-workers who taught him his craft. Milo admires Vaughan’s guitar playing for its’ precise, fast, forceful and dance-like choreographic amalgam. MLK Jr. inspired Milo because of his conviction to fight for truth, justice and equality, with a 100% commitment to standing up when so many were sitting down. It was that strong sacrificial dedication that helped carry others’ dreams of the simple pursuit of happiness, Milo believes, and as he says, “…so that other’s hate wont dictate how you see yourself in the mirror and wont set the value of you.” The old-timers he worked with early on were resourceful and created fantastic works of art from scrap metal collected at the end of their work shifts. These craftsmen created, taught and shared their talents with Milo as a young man.

Milo’s current work has been very personal and introspect. Within his polygamist cult upbringing in Mexico and later abandonment, he received the “Lost Boy” label many males of polygamist families acquire when they are pushed out. His life has been a wild ride of discoveries, this self-confessed liberal, atheist and philosopher, Milo has profound wisdom and experience to share through his art.
His latest series of painting is about the power of rejection, and the ways in which cults and all groups use rejection as an enormously powerful tool to control a person. The first painting in the series is a peculiar image of his father with excerpts from a letter his father sent him. This letter was a four page prophecy detailing the end of the world, including where to go to avoid devastating earthquakes, describing future tent cities and a hell on earth. The second painting in Milo’s series is an image of his mother hugging his younger sister. In this piece, his sister is dying of breast cancer and his mother doesn’t know that she also has cancer and will die before her own daughter. There are also quotes in this painting, this time given to Milo in a letter from his mother (a rejection letter in reply to his wedding invitation). In this letter his mother demands that he leave his family alone.

Milo is also creating an art series based on immigration and dehumanization through written law. How America was birthed through exploration and exploitation. How labor and dream chasing was used to build a country that then turned those dreamers into bastard children. Turning legitimate founders of a new nation into villains. Chasing his own heritage and using his own great-great-grandfather as a starting point for a conversation.

Milo’s special process of coloring stainless steel was developed over nearly twenty years, and as far as he knows, no other metal artist can replicate what he does. Milo won’t share the ingredients in the product he applies to the steel, except to say that he does not use acids, and “When I apply the mixture, it goes on clear”. He compares this painting process to manipulating condensation on glass. His art and his life could easily be analogies for one another. Milo is a man of mettle and metal. A student who has modeled his life after those who influenced him when he was merely a lost boy and apprentice. Milo is an extraordinary artist who has found his place in the art world.

My Memoir

My Memoir

Excerpts from my written memoir: Milo My Story I was born on a kitchen table in Mexico. My mother was alone and taking care of her sister who was also giving birth. Her sister was left for dead after giving birth to my cousin. They stapled her up knowing it wasn't...

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