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Milo Lowe’s Bio-


A Built Environment Specialist

3D Artist/Architectural Designer/Metal Artist


To say the least, Milo has a unique set of skills as a high tech architectural designer, craftsman and artist.

  • He creates 3D architecture models, animations and environment renderings using the most up to date software and hardware. His decades of design-build experience combined with his high tech education in CAD have given Milo an expansive portfolio. He is currently working with BIM drafting/design software, Lidar laser scanning to create point clouds for highly accurate model building, 3D printing of models and Unreal Engine rendering software.
  • As craftsman he designed and built thousands of metal projects that brought his expertise level to master craftsmen. A personal evolution from young apprentice hungry to learn it all, to now a seasoned professional that still enjoys research and further education. 
  • He invented a unique painting process (Volcanic Stainless Steel) of applying a colorless compound to stainless steel, which is then torched with a two foot flame to make otherworldly images appear. His art is exhibited and collected internationally. From the Grammy Awards, House of Blues corporate offices, private Hollywood events, PBS features, MusiCares person of the year events and many fine art galleries. Milo creates extraordinary art and has cemented his place in the art world. His current art series is based on immigration and dehumanization through written law. How America was birthed through exploration and exploitation. How labor and dream chasing was used to build a country that then turned those dreamers into bastard children. Turning legitimate founders of a new nation into villains. Chasing his own heritage and using his own great-great-grandfather as a starting point for a conversation. See his Railroad Portraits series. 

Milo is a man of mettle and metal. A student who has modeled his life after those who influenced him when he was merely a lost boy and apprentice. A teacher who enjoys sharing his experience and knowledge.

Milo's Art Metal Studio
Portland, OR

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