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How To Order

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How To Order

  1. We start with photos of projects you like.
  2. You provide a simple sketch of your project.
  3. I then make a 3-D drawing to help visualize the design and scale.
  4. With the design I give an estimate of the project.
  5. This process makes it easy to communicate and then to build your unique project.
  6. A wood crate is built for shipping. We ship across the country and do so weekly.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do we start?

1. Let’s talk. 2. Pick out designs from photos. 3. Give me a simple sketch. 4. I will create a 3D drawing and an estimate. 5. Make a down payment to get on my schedule.

what is volcanic stainless steel?

Volcanic Stainless Steel is my invention. I wanted color and patterns in this great durable metal. I apply a secret sauce and burn the stainless with a 2 foot flame until the metal is red hot and somewhere near 1,000 degrees. The sheets move and bow off the burning table like a hot air balloon stretching its fabric. I carefully guide the metal to cool until it’s flat again.

how durable is volcanic stainless steel?

Volcanic Stainless Steel is very durable. The color process involves extreme heat and the color is fired deep into the surface of the metal.

are your copper projects durable?

The copper I use is high grade and, relative to the human timeframe, it does not degrade. Copper is a soft metal so it does scratch but the character and color of the metal as it ages are part of what makes it so special. 

do you seal or treat your finished copper projects?

The copper finishes are left natural and only oiled after completed. Copper is one of the metals that is considered alive. I do a chemical and fire patina on all my copper projects. That finish mimics the natural aging process where the copper forms a protective layer from weathering. I control the patina to give it a long lasting medium brown color. 

do you ship your works?

I ship my finished works all over the United States and beyond. 


What People are Saying

“A masterpiece”

“Hi Milo, We love our new kitchen and your remarkable work of art. Thank you soooo much,  Robin and Jon E.”

“It is more beautiful in person! ”

“Hi Milo, We LOVE the table! It is more beautiful in person! It is exactly what we discussed. It is a work of art and you are incredibly taleneted! Thank you for the beautiful art!  Ellen and Chris”


“Hi Milo You know I took a leap of faith with you. You live the other side of my world and I didn’t have a recomendation from anyone. But I trusted you AND you delivered!!!!  Thanks for being a new best friend. Dr. Dan”

"Beautiful art"

"Thank you so much for your hard work and unique talent. We love our painting and it's the centerpiece of the home. "

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