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 Milo Lowe
Professional Artist 

milo@milosmetal.com www.milosmetal.com (503)309-7929
Portland, Oregon


Artist Statement:
Milo is a metal artist and crafstman. Starting as a teen in the 1980’s and after finding he had a natural ability to easily work with metal and create works of art from it, he soon went into business for himself. With a love for the arts and a commitment to his craft, he consistantly creates beautiful works. Milo calls his art, Volcanic Stainless Steel Paintings. His invention of painting on sheets of metal with fire. Sometimes his chosen topics speak about social injustice and sometimes they’re simply about celebrating living. His work has recieved widespread international acclaim.

For several decades, Milo had been on the hunt to invent a new way to color metal. Without toxic acids and chemicals that were considered the only way. It’s been his passion and his monster. Developing many unique colors, patterns and textures over the years kept him on the hunt to painting on metal. The process he now calls Volcanic Stainless Steel. A secret paste painted with brushes and burnt into the metal at over 1,000 degrees. All with a hand-held torch spitting fire like a dragon.
Gifted with dyslexia, Milo took a hands-on route to education. Training under old timer master crafstmen, he learned to be a crafstman. He also learned to be an artist, although he gave himself much resistance. He now wears the artist label with pride.

2021 Sherwood Gallery 

2016 People’s Gallery Portland, OR
2012-2016 Bend Gallery, OR
2012 Pave Gallery, OR
2007-2012 Glass Symphony Bend, OR
2002-2004 Chetwynd Gallery Portland, OR
2001-2002 Gallery 33 Portland, OR
2001-2012 Lesson Factory Eugene, OR
1999-2008 Jo Feds Jazz Club Eugene, OR

Group Ehibitions:
2018 Grammy Awards New York City, NY
2016 Oregon ArtBeat Alumni show

2008 Grammy Awards Los Angeles, CA
2003 Lesson Factory Eugene, OR
2002 House of Blues corporate office Hollywood, CA
2002 Sheila E. Angel Bunny show Burbank, CA
2002 Grammy Awards Beverly Hills, CA




Milo's Art Metal Studio
Portland, OR

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