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Metal Art On My Easel

and Metal works I've created over my 30 year career.

With this current painting series, Portraits From The Railroad , I am unearthing the forgotten stories of my Irish great grandfather, the Chinese rail workers and other moments of the Transcontinental Railroad from the early days of the tumultuous West.

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On My Easel

Portraits From The Railroad

Click the button to see this current series and follow me as I create my story telling art. Check back here for more info on events involving this painting series. May 10, 2019 is the 150th anniversary of the driving of the golden spike, also known as The Wedding of the Rails.

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Our News And Events

MusiCares Person of the Year 2018 Fleetwood Mac

MusiCares Person of the Year 2018 Fleetwood Mac My art for 2018 Grammy Awards MusiCares event honoring Person of the Year, Fleetwood Mac. I created 2 Volcanic Stainless Steel Paintings for the Grammys. This Volcanic Stainless Steel Painting is part of 2018 Grammy...

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Guitar in C Flat

Guitar in C flat 2 tracks of me playing guitar and an assortment of my photography. This was one of those late night guitar recording sessions that was unimpressionable for myself. I do remember being there and doing this at least 🙂 It sounds like me so I probably...

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Available Art for sale

Available art for sale. This is a selection of my older work. Paintings I've held onto for various reasons. They represent my past. My last chapter and chapters. My new work is so different that I can say these older pieces will never be done again. I will never paint...

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Layers of my life

Layers of my life This video is me randomly dragging items from my photos and video library. All random. I see it as an honest view into my world and daily life. Layers and multi tasking.

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My Memoir

Excerpts from my written memoir: Milo My Story I was born on a kitchen table in Mexico. My mother was alone and taking care of her sister who was also giving birth. Her sister was left for dead after giving birth to my cousin. They stapled her up knowing it wasn't...

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PBS feature of my Art

A nice video feature by PBS on my artwork early in my art exhibition career. It's been 15 years already. A very quick 15 years. Oregon ArtBeat OPB http://www.opb.org/television/programs/artbeat/

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