To say the least, Milo is an artist. He creates paintings with a unique process of applying a colorless compound to stainless steel, which is then torched with a two foot flame to make otherworldly images appear.
From the Grammy Awards and House of Blues corporate offices to Hollywood private events, PBS features, MusiCares person of the year events and many art galleries, his art is exhibited and collected internationally.

Milo’s current work has been very personal and introspect. Within his polygamist cult upbringing in Mexico and later abandonment, he received the “Lost Boy” label many males of polygamist families acquire when they are pushed out. His life has been a wild ride of discoveries, this self-confessed liberal, atheist and philosopher, Milo has profound wisdom and experience to share through his art.
His latest series of painting is about the power of rejection, and the ways in which cults and all groups use rejection as an enormously powerful tool to control a person. The first painting in the series is a peculiar image of his father with excerpts from a letter his father sent him. This letter was a four page prophecy detailing the end of the world, including where to go to avoid devastating earthquakes, describing future tent cities and a hell on earth.

Art Works

Volcanic Stainless steel Paintings

Metal works

Copper Kitchen hoods, Patina on stainless steel, metal countertops, fireplace surrounds, mantels and doors.

Milo's Art Metal Studio
Portland, OR

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